The 12 Best Flip Flops for Men 2020

Listen, flip-flops catch a lot of flack. That’s a fact. And sure, it doesn’t help much that the shoe shares a name with a type of slippery indecisiveness the very worst politicians are routinely pilloried for, but c’mon—that’s not the flip-flop’s fault. They can hardly help their name. Ease up a bit.

Deep down, the flip-flop knows your disdain is a surface-level distraction, about as authentic as any of the policy positions a candidate embraces in the run-up to an important election. How can you possibly hate a shoe whose very nature and convenience aim to please at every turn?

Well guess what, gentlemen? No longer. It’s time to embrace the flip-flop, whether for shuffling around your apartment or actually wearing outside (and maybe, someday, to the beach or pool). So, whether you’re a longtime fan and owner of dozens of different styles or a recent convert fired up and ready to buy your first pair, I rounded up some of the best options available now. Flip-flops for life. (Or not. Up to you.)

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Top Flip-Flops



Havaianas has been making flip-flops for a long, long time and the Brazilian brand still puts out one of the best pairs around. 

Original Mush

For sandal-lovers looking to forge new friendships. 

Kepa Kai Thong

The off-court choice of athletes across the globe. 

Base Camp Flip-Flop II

The North Face


An ultra-durable style so comfortable you could almost hike in it (though you absolutely shouldn’t).

Tasmania Flip Flop with Genuine Shearling

Shearling done one way… (Keep scrolling.)

OOFOS Edition OOriginal Flip Flops



Another summer style from one of the coolest footwear collaborations around.  

Ohana Koa Flip Flop



Olukai is a name to know if you’re in the market for a pair of flops, and its Ohana Koa style incorporates an EVA footbed for extra comfort. 

Ulele Flip Flop



Another style from Olukai, this time with a wet grip rubber sole for added traction. 

Haston Rubber and Cork Flip Flops

Orlebar Brown


No surprise the brand behind some of our favorite swim trunks makes top-notch beach-ready accouterments as well. 

Black Shearling Bryan Sandals

…And shearling done another. (Told you there’d be a payoff eventually.)

Leather and Rubber Flip Flops

Brunello Cucinelli


So you can pad around your small Italian castle in comfort. 

Black Tabi Flip Flops

Maison Margiela


The fashion fanatic’s flip-flop of choice. 

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Last of Us Part 2 Ellie Gameplay, Joel Storyline, Narrative and Release Details

Ellie and Joel in The Last of Us Part II.


I can’t really tell you why zombie stories are so popular. Maybe it’s the violence, maybe it’s our morbid fascination with death, maybe it’s the feeling that a dystopian pandemic could break out at any time (ahem), but the zombie survival genre has been alive and kicking for decades now. Whether it’s Dawn of the Dead, or The Walking Dead, or Zombieland, it seems every few years people congregate in large masses to watch undead monsters eat human flesh.

The most anticipated zombie story of 2020 is The Last of Us Part II, a sequel to the award-winning 2013 PlayStation title that’s frequently cited as the video game of its console generation. Fans of the series will get mad at me for referring to it as a “zombie survival game,” and rightfully so—while there were infected freaks running amok, The Last of Us also happened to be among the most sensitive and touching experiences that gaming had (and still has) to offer. Cinematic, dense with emotionally complex storytelling, and steered by a tragic narrative that had you bawling by its stirring conclusion, the game felt like a goddamn film that allowed you to control its main characters.

So when a sequel was announced in 2016, expectations were high for Naughty Dog director Neil Druckmann, who this time helms Part II without longtime collaborator Bruce Straley. Why do a second game? Could it ever compare to the first? Would a sequel even make sense? While details on the upcoming game are still sparse, the story of Joel and Ellie looks to be back with a vengeance—at least based on the promotional footage and trailers we’ve seen so far. The title is set to finally drop, after a few delays, on June 19, 2020. Here’s everything we know about The Last of Us Part II, including my hands-on experience with a pretty extraordinary (and grim) sequence midway through the game.

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We’re picking up at least a few years later.

Spoilers ahead. The first Last of Us ends with our main characters, Joel and Ellie, heading to the town of Jackson in Wyoming, which seems to be one of the last remaining hubs of human civilization in America. Based on the information divulged in Sony’s May 25 State of Play, the sequel takes place some years after the events of the first game. Joel is older, with a lot more grey in his beard, Ellie is nearing the end of her teenage years, and whether or not they’ve settled within the community in Jackson, the two seem to have met some new friends. They’re definitely not as alone as they once were.

A quick refresher for newcomers or fans who haven’t played the game since its release: Joel loses his daughter in the beginning of the first game after a hectic confrontation with local soldiers. He soon runs into Ellie, a wise-cracking teenager who may or may not be the only human being who’s immune to the Cordyceps Brain Infection that has reduced humanity to rubble. Joel, still mourning the loss of his daughter, is tasked with taking Ellie across the country to a hospital so doctors can extract a vaccine for the virus. But when Joel finds out that the extraction would result in Ellie’s death, he decides to rescue her from surgery—and kill everyone in the process. Joel can’t bear to lose another daughter (even a surrogate one), and in the end, he lies to Ellie, telling her that the extraction couldn’t be done. The game ends on an unsettling note, as Joel’s questionable choices prove that he’d rather save one of us than create a vaccine and save the last of us.

ellie gameplay

A gameplay still from the “Finding Nora” sequence.


Joel and Ellie may not be on the best terms.

Because of the events of the first game’s finale, it’s safe to say that Joel and Ellie will likely not be on great terms in The Last of Us Part II. Whether Ellie finds out about Joel’s lie or not, the abrupt end to their mission after weeks of trekking across America will have inevitably led to questions. And Joel isn’t much of a talker.

The first Last of Us was very much Joel’s story. You played as Joel for most of the game. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. All the gameplay footage that Naughty Dog has released—including the sequence later in the game that I played—has Ellie front and center. In fact, Joel is barely shown at all in any of the promos so far. In the official story trailer, Ellie says that she has to “finish it.” Perhaps we can assume that Ellie will be tying off one of the series’ many loose threads. That could mean getting revenge on the dozens of soldiers, agencies, or ragtag rebel groups who tried to kill her and Joel in the first game.

ellie seattle swamp

A still of Ellie alone in the swamps of Seattle.


We’re not in Jackson anymore.

The Last of Us gained renown for its extremely detailed recreation of cities throughout the U.S. Cities such as Boston and Pittsburgh factored heavily into the first game’s story. This one is projecting the effects of a viral onslaught onto the city of Seattle. Instead of Jackson, where Joel and Ellie were headed at the end of Part I, Druckmann has said that a large part of the new game will take place in Seattle (the portion of the game that I played was set completely in this rainy city). Why, or how, exactly, Ellie finds herself out in Seattle is anyone’s guess.


A still of Ellie in the “Finding Nora” sequence.


Gameplay looks familiar, but vastly improved.

This brings us to my experience playing the game in the “Finding Nora” section that Sony allowed critics to pore through pre-release. I can’t speak to my experiences with the rest of the sequel just yet (stay tuned for a full review on June 12), but I can tell you this: Ellie is back, man. She is really back. She’s every bit as fearless, caring, and perilously human as she was before. Except in this sequence, she’s alone in a very rainy, very dark Seattle, a part of the country that Mother Nature has almost completely consumed. But that works to her benefit here. Unlike the first game, which had you running out in the open like a madman, gunning down horde after horde of zombie, The Last of Us Part II takes full advantage of its environment. That means you’ll be crawling under cars, hiding yourself in tall muddy grass, and concealing your whereabouts by any means necessary.

Aspects of the gameplay that felt needlessly confusing before have, as expected, been fixed here. The combat system now has a dodge button, scrolling through guns is fluid, crafting is quicker—these are the kind of necessary adjustments the game had to make to live in the modern gaming world. And I’m happy to report that The Last of Us Part II very much feels like a modern game. Perhaps the most modern game I’ve ever played, at least in terms of how immersive it is. I can’t go into detail on the story or the cutscenes in this sequence, but the transitions between narrative and gameplay are so smooth and intuitive that, many times in my playthrough, I couldn’t even really tell when I was playing and when I wasn’t. That can be a bad thing, but in this case, it just made the experience feel even more intimate.

In this sequence, as you can tell from its title, Ellie is after someone named Nora. She’s cutting through zombies and non-infected people to get to her. What she wants, I would bet, is not something you’d expect. The game releases on June 19 on the PS4 (and it’ll be cross compatible on PS5, whenever that comes out). It’s a weird time to be playing The Last of Us. But spending some time with Ellie again is worth it. I can’t wait to talk about everything I’ve played so far.

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10 Best V-Neck T-Shirts for Men 2020

Folks, I’ve got a confession to make: There was a period of time, say, throughout most of high school, were I straight up refused to wear a T-shirt unless it was a V-neck. Yes, it’s true. I can’t deny it any longer. I’m sure this revelation is shocking for a few of you, so I’ll let it sink in for a moment. There’s no two ways about it—I was an avowed V-neck aficionado.

As a gangly teenager, there was something about baring a subtle hint of male décolletage that made me feel like I was living out a sort of freewheeling lifestyle fantasy, even if the closest I’d come to realizing that vision was working up the nerve to bump Get Rich or Die Tryin’ at a moderate volume over school speakers when the teacher left the room. In other words, the appeal of the V-neck is not lost on me.

But before you go thinking the oft-reviled V-neck is back again, let’s set the record straight. Fashion is indeed a fickle temptress, but she ain’t that fickle. For the most part, a classic crewneck will always be the better choice, but if you’re convinced you’re a V-neck dude through and through—and can’t do without ’em—rocking one as an undershirt is a solid way to get your fix. In that spirit, I rounded up a few of the best V-neck undershirts available now, so you can live out your own far-fetched fantasies without baring any visible chest at all.

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Short Sleeve White V-Neck (6 Pack)

Fruit of the Loom


A hefty grip of tees from Fruit of the Loom is still as good as it gets. 

AIRism V-Neck T-Shirt

Uniqlo’s ultra-breathable AIRism line offers some of the lightest undershirts around, all with a soft, silky finish. 

The Cotton V-Neck Tee



Everlane’s take on the style is substantial enough to double as a standalone layer if need be. 

ComfortSoft Tagless V-Neck (10 Pack)

For the dude who only does laundry in his nightmares.  

Ultrasoft Stretch Modal V-Neck

Calvin Klein


The brand that made luxury undergarments a bona fide thing does the V-neck tee very right. 

V-Neck Undershirt (3 Pack)

Land’s End


Ditto the brand that still stands for all things Americana. 

18-Hour V-Neck Undershirt

Mack Weldon


Mack Weldon lets its proprietary blend of fabrics sit for 18 hours (!) before cutting it to allow for a fuller expansion process. Translation: It’s tees are super soft. 

V-Neck T-Shirts (3 Pack)

Polo Ralph Lauren


A silhouette America helped make popular, stamped with a pony-shaped seal of approval from a master of American style. 

Superfine Cotton T-Shirt



I’ve recommended pretty much every version of Sunspel’s quietly luxurious take on the T-shirt, and I’m sure as hell not stopping now. 

Cotton-Blend T-Shirt

Derek Rose


For the true V-neck connoisseur, Derek Rose uses a signature Pima cotton blend to make his very, very soft version. 

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All 13 PS5 Games 2020


I am a PlayStation kid through and through. My first console, save for my dad’s old NES and a Game Boy color, was the PS2. That thing lasted me years, well into the PS3’s lifetime, for playing games like Jack and Dexter, Ratchet & Clank, Kingdom Hearts, and TimeSplitters (revive it, please). The DualShock controller still feels like home, and PlayStation loyalty runs deep in my veins. So you can see why I’m tracking the months flying by as we approach the launch of the PlayStation 5.

Sony has confirmed that the next-gen console is all on schedule for a Holiday 2020 release, even given the current circumstances. Compared to the next-gen Xbox Series X however, we’re still largely in the dark about the PS5, save for some game announcements, along with a few details about its DualSense controller and some of its guts. With rumors all over about a massive information dump coming soon in a PS5 “State of Play” and some June announcements in lieu of E3, it’s only a matter of time before the fog clears a little.

While guts and glamorous graphics are all well and good, the video game library is really what determines which console you pledge your gaming allegiance to, and the PS5 is already shaping up to have a killer catalog. Here’s every re-release and exclusive title confirmed for the next-gen powerhouse so far.

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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

PS5 Release Date: TBD 2020

Oh, Assassin’s Creed. The journey we’ve had with you. You went from one of the biggest names in gaming to just a complete historic dumpster fire of tracking missions and glitches so glitchy that even Bethesda would have been appalled. But a few years ago, during the Ubisoft renaissance, those in power decided that maybe we didn’t need a reskinned Assassin’s Creed every year. They slowed down. Then magic happened and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey was released, which was actually, well, good. Valhalla looks like a worthy sequel, and maybe even has more promise than Odyssey (if only because I’m more of a fan of vikings).

Madden NFL 21

PS5 Release Date: TBD 2020

Unlike the new Assassin’s Creed release calendar, we do get a new Madden every year, for better or for worse. There’s not much to say here except that it’s Madden, it’ll be on PS5, and Lamar Jackson is the cover star. I mean, depending on how long this pandemic goes, it could be our only relic of an NFL season, but I’m not yet prepared to think like that. Madden is offering free, next-gen upgrades on Xbox, but no word yet if that will extend to the PS5.

Scarlet Nexus

PS5 Release Date: TBD

Now, we don’t know a ton about this game, except that the art style is anime and badass, and the combat seems like the stylish, action RPG system we’ve come to love on PlayStation. The trailer looks gorgeous, and we’re sure it’s gonna look even better with the PS5 powerhouse. No word on the release date, but considering it’s also arriving on PS4, it should be sooner rather than later.


PS5 Release Date: Holiday 2020

I love looters, I love co-op, and most of all, I love big-ass swords. This game looks absolutely rad; think Destiny with a high fantasy overlay and more physical close combat. The game will be available on PS5 and in the Epic Games store this holiday. No confirmation on if it’s a PS5 launch title, but with a holiday release date, Godfall should at least be out soon after the PS5’s debut.


PS5 Release Date: Holiday 2020

Another co-op title, but this time it’s a cover shooter. Outriders comes to us from Square Enix and gives off major Mad Max vibes. I’m a sucker for co-op player vs. environment games, so I’m thrilled that we already have two such stellar-looking titles coming to PS5. Outriders is also launching this December, so it should be on the new PlayStation console decently close to launch.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

PS5 Release Date: TBD 2021

Lord of the Rings has several great gaming ventures to its name, including a series of hack-and-slash PS2 games, a Lego title, and the ever-good Shadow of Mordor titles. Now comes something that looks pretty damn cool, against all odds: a game based on Gollum’s journey through the LOTR books. Not a ton is known, but the early screenshots show off a remarkable art style. No word on a release date either, save for that it’ll come out next year.

Watch Dogs: Legion

PS5 Release Date: TBD 2020

Watch Dogs: Legion is one of those remarkably lofty games that’s either going to be really fucking awesome or a flop. From our early testing at E3 last year, it seems like it’s going to lean toward really fucking awesome. The game runs on the premise that every single citizen of the city is a playable, semi-flushed out character with their own political opinions, motives, and generated actions. The gameplay ranges from loud and boisterous to stealthy tech action, based on your preference. Legion is coming to PS4 sometime this year, too.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

PS5 Release Date: Holiday 2020

Rainbow Six Siege is a five-year-old game that’s still massively played today. It sees small teams of players working together to finish objectives against opposing teams; each player picks a different class with special abilities. Whether or not Siege gets any type of graphical update or content exclusive to the relaunch, rest assured there’s going to be some kick-ass multiplayer on the PS5 right away.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine

PS5 Release Date: TBD 2020

For those of you missing the good old days of Call of Duty: Zombies, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. Rainbow Six Quarantine is a three-player co-op zombie shooter. We’ve gotten some looks into how this could work with Rainbow Six Siege’s Halloween events, which have all been a spooky co-op blast. Quarantine is also coming out on the current gen, so you won’t need to drop your cash on a new system just to play it.

Gods & Monsters

PS5 Release Date: TBD 2020

Again, like a lot of PS5 games, not much is known about it yet, but Gods & Monsters looks absolutely stunning: mythology with a Breath of the Wild artistic twist. Coming from Ubisoft, which has really turned a corner over the last few years, Gods & Monsters is launching for current gen and next gen, and damn if we’re excited to see that bright art style through the power of the new consoles.

NBA Live 21

PS5 Release Date: TBD 2020

An enhanced version of NBA Live 21 will be released on the new gen, too. EA took a year-long hiatus on the Live series to try to craft something that could take on its arch sports rival: 2K’s vastly popular basketball series. EA has been doing a lot of things more slowly lately, really trying to up its games’ quality after some years of dropping the ball, so to speak. Hopefully the friendly competition on the sports front will bring EA back to those PlayStation 2 glory days.


PS5 Release Date: Launch title

Fortnite will be landing on the PS5 right at launch, because of course it will be. The most exciting news is its move to the ultra powerful Unreal Engine 4. How that will change the game is yet to be seen, but the wildly popular battle royale definitely isn’t going anywhere.


PS5 Release Date: TBD

The cybernetic, co-op, free-to-play MMO is coming to the new generation, too. Like Fortnite, it’s not a huge surprise, as Warframe has spanned generations and consoles, and made a pretty penny from a free-to-start model that escalates with paid DLC. The game is stylish and has decently exciting combat, so it’s definitely worth checking out on the PS5.

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25 Funny Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

No one can make an art out of joke-telling like a dad. He relishes the guffaws of laughter. He gloats at the eye rolls and delights in all the weary groans you throw back at him. Give him an awkward or tense situation, and he’s ready to disperse pun after joke after farce until the mood lightens up. So, on Father’s Day, you have a choice: to give him something quite stylish and very cool, or to go the route of the gag gift. And we gotta say, funny might be just what he and the rest of the family need this year. With that, here are 25 gift ideas for the dad who’s a comedian, at least in his own mind.

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10 Best Summer Suits for Men

Whoo, boy. You know that feeling when you wake up super late on a weekend morning with a nasty hangover immediately realize you made some bad decisions the night before, and then promise yourself you’re going to exercise more self-control going forward? I feel like that’s exactly the headspace we’re at when it comes to streetwear. We took it too far. We’ve all got a bad hoodie hangover. The solution? A good suit.

Suits are sexy, man. If you really want to be poetic, you might even say there’s no style that frames a man’s (or woman’s!) silhouette more elegantly, and with less effort. Summer suits, in particular, represent a genre of tailoring famous for its je ne sais quoi, that hard-to-define element that gives willingly wearing a suit in the sweltering heat any semblance of appeal. Warmer weather also means lightening up on everything. Fabrics like cotton, linen, seersucker, silk, and even tropical wool are the move, in lighter colors like khaki and pale gray (plus good ol’ navy as a standby). And, crucially, the construction is lighter, too. Unstructured, unlined, unfussy silhouettes are exactly what you should be suiting up in if you want to stay cool all summer long.

I’m in my early twenties, and these days even I want to be wearing a suit. There’s a reason the suit’s been around for a minute now, and is (save for a slight tweak of lapel size here, or change in trouser length there) almost completely impervious to the sort of trends that have recently upended its more casual counterparts.

Can you imagine stumbling across a picture of any of the classic menswear “icons” rocking, like, an oversized graphic tee and some destroyed biker denim? My brain would completely short-circuit. (Please, please don’t photoshop a picture of Paul Newman wearing Palm Angels and send it to me. If I see that anywhere on the timeline there will be a serious price to pay.) It seems like some of you finally came to your fucking senses. Enough is enough with this shit. What’s wrong with you people?

Sober up, boys. It’s time to cop a suit. Even if, for now, the only place you can wear it is around your apartment.

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Cotton Linen Wide-Fit Tapered Pants

Uniqlo U


Uniqlo U’s latest collection is chock full of summertime essentials, including this intentionally boxy cotton/linen suit. The pants are casual enough you can easily wear ’em as separates… 

Men U Cotton Linen Jacket

… or rock it with the jacket and some sandals (seriously!) to your next beach-side wedding. 

Ludlow Slim-Fit Unstructured Pant in Stretch Seersucker

Seersucker is an all-time summer fabric, and for good reason. J.Crew’s version comes in a slightly subversive black and blue colorway that looks as cool as you’ll feel. 

Ludlow Slim-fit Unstructured Blazer in Stretch Seersucker

The Ludlow put J.Crew’s tailoring on the map when it debuted in 2008. Its just-slim-enough silhouette stills slaps today. 

Light Brown Herringbone Havana Suit



No roundup of suiting, regardless of the season, would be complete without the requisite Suitsupply nod. As long as the brand keeps on turning out suits like this one, cut from cotton with a Solaro finish (a treatment that gives the fabric a slight sheen and helps reflect the sun), that’s not going to change. 

Bativoga Drawstring-Waist Faille Trousers



Easy, breezy, and somehow always elegant: Is there a better encapsulation of Barena’s ethos than that? 

Double-Breasted Drill Blazer



Barena’s blazers typically boast a soft shoulder and a relaxed fit—the brand pays particular attention to the drape of its garments, meaning they only get better the more you wear ’em. 

Tapered Pleated Cotton Twill Suit Trousers

Blue Blue Japan


Blue Blue Japan’s decidedly relaxed take on the style features a slouchy fit with a partially elasticated waistband and comes in a super breathable cotton twill. 

Double-Breasted Cotton Twill Suit Jacket

Blue Blue Japan


The 4×2 double-breasted jacket (with two rows of two buttons, the bottom row of which is actually buttoned) is a notoriously difficult swerve to pull off, but the brand does it here with aplomb. 

Pleated Tapered Trousers

Homme Plisse Issey Miyake


Master of all things pleated Issey Miyake is back with the perfect suit to lounge poolside in (assuming that’s your thing) as soon as the warmer weather hits. 

Single-Breasted Pleated Jacket

Homme Plisse Issey Miyake


Miyake’s suits are so lightweight you won’t feel like you’re wearing a suit at all, and wearing a suit for fun is the biggest flex of them all. 

Two Piece Suit



When it comes to lightweight tailoring, leave it to the Italian suiting whizzes at Lardini to make tobacco brown look like the best, and only, color to wear this summer.

Brown Cavalry Cotton-Twill Suit

Aimé Leon Dore + Drake’s


Aimé Leon Dore might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of all things tailored, but through its collaboration with British brand Drake’s, the streetwear upstart has put out some of the best damn (made-in-Italy) suiting of the season.

Wool, Silk, and Linen-Blend Suit Trousers

Saman Amel


Stockholm-based Saman Amel is one to watch if you’re in the habit of buying perfectly cut classic tailoring in muted beige tones.  

Wool, Silk, and Linen-Blend Suit Jacket

Saman Amel


There might not be a more comfortable blend than wool, silk, and linen when it comes to keeping cool, so even though this jacket is fully lined, rest assured you won’t be sweating through your shirt come summer. 

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Raf Simons Is Joining Prada as Co-Creative Director with Miuccia Prada

If you’ve been paying attention to certain corners of the internet recently, you may have already seen the rumors swirling: Raf’s going to Prada. Well, as it turns out, the fashion world’s rumor mill is a pretty reliable one, and the story is true. Raf Simons is indeed joining Prada as co-creative director, “working in partnership with Miuccia Prada with equal responsibilities for creative input and decision-making,” according to a press release from the brand.

This is news that’s certain to delight a lot of Raf fans—from industry insiders to hip-hop stars alike—who follow the moves of the Belgian designer closely. Simons’ eponymous menswear label is like a calling card for in-the-know fashion guys, and each time he lands at a new label, there’s a whole lot of excitement that comes along with the move.

Raf at Calvin, in long-ago 2018.

Victor VIRGILEGetty Images

Simons’ last big-brand gig was at Calvin Klein. He joined in 2016, after positively received stints at both Jil Sander and Dior, and won critical praise for his runway efforts. But he was hamstrung by the disconnect between his more artistic ambitions and the realities of the business from the outset, and parted ways with the company in 2018, less than two years after he took the helm.

While folks shopping for CK jeans and underwear might not have connected with Simons’ creative vision, there is, potentially, a much easier road ahead for the designer at Prada. For one thing, he already worked for Prada group when he was at Jil Sander, a post he held for seven years before Sander herself returned. Plus, Prada is a different beast entirely than Calvin Klein, the latter of which has significant mass-market offerings. Ideally, Simons will be able to lean into those artistic impulses of his in the new gig, all while working with Miuccia Prada, the woman who has ably guided Prada to where it sits today (which is, to be clear, in a very good place).

Prada - Runway - Milan Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020/2021

A model walks the runway at the Prada fall/winter 2020 menswear show.

EstropGetty Images

So, what should we expect? Well, that remains to be seen. Simons is working across all aspects of the brand, and the press release notes Prada’s “willingness to push boundaries, to experiment, to take opportunities to advance.” In terms of actual clothing, we’ve certainly seen that in recent seasons, in everything from adventurous-as-hell camp-collar shirts to half-zip leather pullovers and super-short shorts. The upcoming fall/winter 2020 menswear collection, which showed in January, felt a little more restrained than what preceded it, but in a good way.

As evidenced by his prior work with his own label and at others, Simons is versed in both provocation and subtlety. And Miuccia Prada’s recent leadership has made the label feel especially vital and interesting. Whatever form they take, I can’t help thinking that exciting things are on the horizon here. And, anyways, we don’t have long to wait: The first outing from Raf and Miuccia, Prada’s spring/summer 2021 womenswear collection, will be shown this September in Milan.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Phone Specs, Price, and Release Details from Unpacked Event

During the glitzy Academy Awards broadcast, you might’ve clocked an advertisement from Samsung tucked into the churn of furry cat suits, baffling performances, and parasitic fanfare. In it, a new flip phone—yes, a flip phone, because everything old is new again—danced across the screen. (Actually, you might not have seen it. The Oscars had historically low viewership this year. Either way, trust us, it was teased on Sunday night.) And two days later, Samsung’s Unpacked event gave the world a more in-depth view at its new folding phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

This is the most true-to-form flipping smart phone yet, if your gold standard for flip phones was defined in 2006 and has remained unaltered since. The front has one tiny touchscreen that allows you to take calls, check the time, preview texts, and whatnot, plus a dual camera. But for the most part, it’s screenless. Once opened, an AMOLED screen stretches 6.7 inches across the entire inside of the phone, including over the hinge, with an inside camera lens embedded into the top center. The bezels are thin, too.

When folded, the Galaxy Z Flip is nearly square, a palm-sized device that’ll fit into pockets a lot better than a Samsung Galaxy S20, which Samsung also announced, or iPhone 11. It’ll stay unfolded at any angle, and you know what that means? You can prop it halfway open like a laptop and use the selfie camera to take up-angle shots of you and your friends while you play Sims 2, chat on AIM, and smear glitter makeup on your eyes. God, 2006 was great.

Back to the bread and butter: The Galaxy Z Flip comes in three shimmery colors: purple, black, and gold. Its has dual 12MP cameras for wide and ultra wide angles, and plenty of featured modes like slow-motion, panoramic, and 4K video recording. It supports wireless charging, though Samsung doesn’t give specifics on the the battery life. No word yet either as to whether or not the Galaxy Z Flip sounds cool when you flip it closed, which unfortunately is a make it or break it feature for us. Get the full rundown on the specs from Samsung here.

The Galaxy Z Flip will be released in limited quantities on February 14, Valentine’s Day (cute), and it’ll cost $1,380, which is a lot of money but still less than the other folding phones on the market right now.

When open, controls will cluster towards the bottom part of the screen, while images and video will display on the top part of the screen.


Speaking of folding phones; they’re so hot right now. Samsung was the first to go to market in a big way with the 2019 Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was a beast—long, chunky, hefty, and nearly $2,000. You could see the appeal of it, bridging the gap between smartphone and tablet, but its hulking design was too outrageous to take seriously. Plus, its hinge didn’t feel strong and its bezels were thicc boys. It was as far from flipping seamlessly open and close as it was from tap dancing.

Then, Motorola brought back its iconic Razr flip phone, slapping a single, gapless folding glass screen on the inside and a smart display on the front of the device. Damn, did it look cool. You could even throw it into retro mode, which displayed the light-up dial and keys on the inside screen, to really relive your glory year of, you guessed it, 2006. But by the time it went up for sale last week, the reviews weren’t flattering—it reportedly has a weird, noisy hinge, a bad camera, and limited battery life. Oh, and it costs $1,500.

For us average smartphone users, that’s two strikes against folding smartphones. The Galaxy Z Flip could be the third, if its fundamental mechanism sucks in any way. But it’s the early days yet. As flip phones get smarter and more durable, they might also get cheaper so we can all snap our way into the future.

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10 advantages of anal sex

As holds true with sex as a whole, rectal shouldn’t provide embarrassment. Ever before. If you like anal sex, you’re not the first or the last one to do so. Both men and women the world over delight in anal play since it can be very pleasant when done properly. Although that’s a reality and I can find you easily a loads females in the next 10 minutes who agree, rectal sex has yet to actually be accepted by the sexual mainstream. It’s on its way there, but it’s still inching along very gradually.

As holds true with vaginal sex, there are advantages to anal sex, also. The climax element alone is terrific for you. However there are things that make rectal sex something worth practising or, at the very least, trying according Athens call girls.

Here are 10 advantages of anal sex.

1. Maintains your body immune system in wonderful form. Sex generally is amazing for your wellness. It improves your body immune system by keeping you in shape, due to the workout involved, as well as introduces your antibodies to all type of various things it can ramp up and also keep in check.

2. Clears you out. As long as individuals really do not such as to review their defecation, it is important to state that anal sex does a wonderful work of removing you out– something that is extremely practical in keeping you healthy.
Due to all the boosted task in that area as well as blood flow down there, it assists your bowels get relocating and also makes it a lot easier to pass them. Yet don’t fret! This will certainly NOT occur during the real act. Hopefully.

3. Is typically a lot more enjoyable for the men. Many men locate rectal sex much more pleasant than genital sex due to the fact that the rectum is tighter than the vaginal area. And also since guys get off due to the pressure on their member, it’s no wonder that a tighter entryway would feel better.

Yet that’s not the only factor they often tend to like it a lot more. It also gives them a feeling of success, makes them really feel a little defiant, and also provides a sensation of being effective and also leading– something that feeds their primitive reactions.

4. Is actually satisfying for the women. The anus has a substantial quantity of nerve closings, both bordering it and directly within it. This means that, despite the fact that females aren’t being literally pleasured with their vaginal canal, it’s still actually pleasing for them.

It’s also really pleasurable, since the G-spot can still be reached when men enter and also push against the vaginal wall. So truly, women can have orgasms with rectal penetration, alone.

5. Increases affection between companions. There is a significant quantity of trust that needs to remain in area before rectal sex can occur. Lots of ladies fidget, troubled, and have problems accepting rectal sex, due to the physical requirements and credibility it appears to have.

Not only that, but it additionally develops a distance, because both partners are getting their requirements fulfilled. If the guy wishes to trying out anal sex and the woman complies, he really feels closer to her, recognizing she is doing something for his satisfaction.

6. Eliminates concern of maternity. You can not get pregnant via anal sex alone. Unless some sperm somehow appears of the rectum as well as discovers its means into the vagina, you will not obtain expecting. This relieves stress that is sometimes really felt in between 2 individuals throughout sex.

Without that tension, people are freer to appreciate themselves and also males get to complete inside females– something that they all love to do. It’s a win-win for every person, truly.

7. Seminal fluid advantages. Sperm plasma has an outrageous amount of benefits to it. When a guy completes inside a female, it can influence her in a great deal of ways. Typically, this takes place through the vaginal canal. Nevertheless, newer research has shown that semen showed in the rectum has the exact same impacts.

Some common advantages of sperm are as adheres to: all-natural stress and anxiety reducer, anti-depressant, improves high quality of rest, increases power, natural discomfort reducer, improves psychological performance, and has the capability to increase a woman’s libido.

8. Increases sexual variety. If you feel like your sex life has been rather boring, rectal sex will definitely spice things up a little bit! It’s a best method to introduce something new into your sex life that both of you have never ever tried prior to.

This is extremely practical in a lasting relationship when you feel like you’re “utilized to” your companion. It can make points fun and new once more!

9. Wonderful choice to period sex. Some women simply don’t wish to make love throughout their period. Perhaps they don’t like it, their partner does not like it, or they don’t want to take care of the mess. Regardless, anal sex uses a wonderful different to sex when you’re on your duration.

By taking the sexual activities to the back, you are maintaining the duration far from everything, so you don’t need to take care of it in any way.

10. It’s exciting! It truly is. It’s not something that individuals do a whole lot and also it’s an exciting brand-new point that you can bring to your relationship. It’ll have both of you feeling like young teenagers participating in sexual activities for the very first time. Talk about thinking back!

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