Best Men’s Clothing, Sneakers, Accessories Sales for Labor Day 2019

Labor Day is more than just, you know, Labor Day. It is, first and foremost, a celebration of the working people who keep the gears of American commerce turning like they should be. After that, it’s an unofficial demarcation: the end of summer and the beginning of fall. No matter that it’s not accurate at all—there’s still nearly a month left until the seasonal switch—it’s just the way it is.

But you know what else is special about Labor Day? The sales. I mean, we’re talking Very Good Sales from Very Good Brands, and while we’ve already covered the bedding and television fronts, there’s still time to upgrade your fall wardrobe. That said, you probably don’t have time to sort through 10,000 sites to find a damn shirt. Reasonable! So, instead, here are 15 sales you can’t miss. Enjoy.

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Get up to 60% off a range of clothing, shoes, sneakers, and accessories.

Get up to 40% off select styles.

Get up to 70% off select styles.

Get up to 65% off sale when you take an extra 25% off with code 4EVER.

Take an extra 30% off when you spend $150+.

Take an extra 40% off your purchase, no code needed.

Take up to 40% off.

Take an extra 20% off at checkout.

Get 25% off select styles.

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Take an extra 20% off sale.

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Justin Bieber Spotted Outside Beverly Hills Clinic in Drewhouse Shirt and Beanie

BG002/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

Man, just when I thought I’d moved on to thinking about a Lazy Rich Boy Summer and all the Toasted Coconut Fits, the Summer of Sleaze woke up from its nap under the bench at a bus stop and smacked me in the face with a grocery bag full of boxed mac and cheese.

And by that, I mean Justin Bieber showed up in public again looking like a beautiful dirtbag. Photos have emerged of the Godfather of Sleaze and First Lady Hailey getting into their pink Lamborghini SUV on Tuesday, and Bieber’s fit is nothing short of a godsend.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - August 29, 2019

M’lord and m’lady. Good day.

gotpap/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

Sure, his sneakers are perfectly acceptable, but don’t hold it against him. He’s making sure none of us forget what he founded, thanks to cuffed jean shorts and, my god, that hat. It’s like he plucked it right off of Skinny Pete himself. Dressing like a dealer is the cornerstone of achieving sleaze, but going this on-the-nose with it is exactly why we hold Bieber in such high regard.

The MVP—and the item you, yourself, should actually consider as inspiration—is the shirt. Of course, it appears to be a piece from his own label, Drewhouse. And of course, it is sold out. Alas, we bask in its glory as we sink into the dog days of summer 2019, where a shirt like this can shine during the day and complement some light outerwear during the evening.

Slim Fit Floral Shirt



You can wear Topman’s version of the shirt with ease, and any shirt like it for that matter. And you should! You and I as mere mortals may not pair it with the Skinny Pete beanie and jean shorts, but imagine it with a pair of relaxed chinos or your bathing suit. That’s sleaze you can achieve.

So here’s a well wish to our Lord and Sleazior, Justin Bieber. It’s been a “hard season” for our boy, but he’s never looked better.

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10 Men’s Fall Fashion Trends 2019 and How to Wear Them


Fall is nearly here, which is very good news. There’s a simple explanation for that, for the style minded. Because now, you get to actually wear some damn clothes, instead of putting on the bare minimum of fabric so you don’t melt into a puddle in the August heat. But there’s more to it than just being able to throw on something other than a camp-collar shirt (though, to be fair, that trend is not going to stop come October). The other great thing about autumn is that you get to really embrace all the cool new shit that the fashion world has to offer. And there’s a lot! But that doesn’t mean the transition requires a lot of effort. Here, for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure, are the 10 easiest ways to get on board.

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Midnight Snack Long-Sleeve Shirt



Two of the biggest things happening this fall? Camp-collar shirts and pajama shirts, both of the long-sleeve variety. This one from Tombolo has all the bases covered.

Tiger Cardigan

Noon Goons


A boldly printed top never really goes away. It’s just that this fall, it’s taking the form of a can’t-look-away cardigan, like this tiger-stripe one from Noon Goons.

Tapered Pleated Chinos

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you probably swore off pleats sometime in the last decade or two. And, if you’re like those of us who can see an interesting new light at the end of that tunnel, you should think about changing course. The new breed of pleated chinos is more flattering than ever. 

Leopard Fleece Jacket



Fleece: It’s cozy, comfy, and poised to be more popular than ever this fall. You know what else is on the upswing? Animal prints. And leopard, well, it’s basically a neutral at this point. Get two trends for the price of one with this jacket.

The Iconic Rugby Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren


Rugby shirts: Emphatically not just for dudes who play rugby. Pair yours with light-wash denim or a navy blazer. Either way, it works.

Denim Western Shirt

The yeehaw agenda isn’t going anywhere. And while you might not be a Nudie Suit guy, there’s pretty much no one on the planet who doesn’t look exactly 23 percent cooler in a western shirt.

Canvas Chore Coat

Union Los Angeles


Think of it as the bizarro cousin of your go-to sport coat. It’s not as dressed up, but it looks just as cool with everything from jeans to trousers. 

The Dean Zipper Boot



You know that thing I said about the yeehaw agenda playing out for a little while longer? Well, it’s also happening in footwear. A lot of high-fashion designers have gotten a little more western in their boot offerings, but if you don’t want to drop half your rent check, Tecovas has you covered with an equally cool option.

Leather-Trimmed Mesh Sneakers



Technical sneakers aren’t going anywhere this fall. The only big change? Now, you can get a pair from Berluti, which comes with everything from cool points to exceptional craftsmanship.

All-Over Print Logo Down Jacket

Moncler Grenoble


The biggest flex of the fall is a crazy-ass coat that says, “Yeah, I have so many coats that I don’t need this one to be functional or timeless or easy to wear. I just need it to be cool.”

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Nascar Vintage Racing Tees Are New Celebrity Style Flex

“Thou shalt not covet” is the tenth of the Ten Commandments, a collection of mandates delivered from Moses, presumably to Jesus, and then to the maker of old wooden plaques that hang in Southern homes. The Commandments were the second proudest wall-hanging in my house, just shy of a Dale Earnhardt racing jacket that I was allowed to wear once. I coveted that jacket, unironically, for years. As it turns out, two decades later, vintage NASCAR apparel is not just a keepsake or the butt of a joke—it’s a flex.


Buy $22,

In honor of the 70th running of the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway, NASCAR came out with a line of T-shirts and other accessories, sending its apparel back to pure ’90s mode. Do you love Earnhardt? Three to the sky, my friend. You’re covered. Maybe you’re not a deep-cut NASCAR fan, but you appreciate a neon color scheme that could burn a hole in your retina. Then you’re in desperate need of the William Byron shirt.


Underneath a Louis Vuitton trench, Jaden Smith sports a Rusty Wallace race tee on Fallon.


Actually, celebrities have been wearing vintage NASCAR gear for a while now. Everyone from the likes of Kylie Jenner to Shia LaBeouf has been photographed in throwback T-shirts from some of the sport’s most prolific racers. Finally, it feels like my time has come. NASCAR is en vogue. The only problem is that if you were scouring the internet in the hopes of finding a vintage tee, you were probably going to have to pay a considerable price for it. That is, until NASCAR did the work for you.

This is all to say that if you’re looking for a clutch piece of racing memorabilia to round out an outfit, this is your opportunity.



Buy $25,

For a limited time, most of the shirts are running for under 25 bucks, which is a steal coming from the racing franchise itself. And even though Dale is the obvious choice here, you really can’t go wrong with whichever driver you choose to represent. Just do it with style and celebrate the goodness that is an aggressively bright ’90s color palette and a NASCAR logo.

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The Aromatic Beard Oil That’ll Change How You Look and Feel

Kendall Mills

SHOP $12, and

Welcome to The Esquire Endorsement. Heavily researched. Thoroughly vetted. These picks are the best way to spend your hard-earned cash.

Facial hair frames your entire face—making you either polished and attractive or, if your beard is all over the place, a hot mess. So you need a quick way to ensure that your facial hair is top-notch every time you leave the house.

Luckily, there’s a solution: a good beard oil—one that’s meticulously crafted and smells as incredible as it feels.

We’re confident that Cremo’s forest blend beard oil is the last one you’ll ever need. So if you have a beard you care about—and we hope you do—give it some love. You and everyone else will appreciate it.


Argan, jojoba, and other natural oils restore moisture to your facial hair—leaving itching and irritation behind.

Kendall Mills

It makes your beard soft and fights pesky itching.

Beard oils are not—in fact—all made the same, and Cremo’s is the best we’ve found that leaves your beard soft to the touch and your skin happy underneath. Skincare experts have blended a healthy mix of high-quality argan, jojoba, and other oils to restore much-needed moisture to your facial hair—fighting beard itch and irritation.

So whether it’s the dog days of summer and you can’t stop scratching or the middle of winter and the dryness is unbearable, Cremo’s beard oil will leave your face with some much-needed comfort.

SHOP $12, and


A mix of spruce, cedarwood, and rosemary oils make your beard smell like a scenic hike in the fall.

Kendall Mills

It leaves your face smelling like a fresh forest.

A man wants to smell like a man. A better man wants to smell like a fresh forest. Or a subtle spritz of mint. In any case, Cremo’s crafted oils have some incredible—but masculine—scents that seem to draw people in, minus anything artificial. The forest blend is a personal favorite of ours: a mix of spruce, cedarwood, and rosemary oils that smells like a scenic hike in the fall.

SHOP $12, and


Easy to travel with and even easier to use, beard oil should be an essential part to your grooming routine.

Kendall Mills

It takes your grooming routine to the next level.

We know, we know. You never thought that a beard oil could be an essential part of your routine. Well, you’d be remiss if you didn’t at least try adding one to your arsenal. Most men overlook the beard oil when they’re letting their five o’clock shadow turn into something more permanent; don’t be one of them.

If you’re thinking it’ll add tons of time to your morning, think again: After your morning shower, simply put a few drops in your palm and massage it into your beard. Run a comb through, and you’re done. Plus, this oil is small enough to go anywhere—it’s about the size of a travel toothpaste tube. So wherever you’re going—whatever the weather—your beard will be ready to take on the world.

SHOP $12, and

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Joe Jonas Steps Out in White Jeans

White Jeans are intimidating for a few reasons. First, it’s much harder to say yes to the best foods—buffalo wings, greasy cheeseburgers, hot dogs loaded with condiments, spaghetti you can slurp—when you’re wearing them. Second, sitting down in public is like walking on eggshells. God forbid the tiniest brown spot ends up on the ass of your white jeans. Your friends with high school senses of humor would never let you live it down. Lastly, in most circles, they’re bold as hell. Few dudes you know have the cojones to give them a shot.

One man who is not afraid: Joe Jonas, brother of Kevin and Nick, and husband of Sophie Turner. He just delivered a nearly perfect tutorial on how to wear white pants—if you’ve got the gumption for it (you do).

Jonas’s walking-down-the-street-with-a-drink-in-my-hand fit (above) is Exhibit A. It’s also your White Jeans 101 guide. An easy takeaway from Jonas’s look is to make everything else you’re wearing generally the same color. (This isn’t a requirement, but it will help ease the skittish of donning white pants.) What helps his cause even more is that the Carolina blue suede trucker jacket he pairs with his white jeans is the kind of statement piece that causes misdirection. The jacket—not the pant—is the first thing anyone would ask him about.

GothamGetty Images

Scanton Slim Fit Jeans

Tommy Jeans


Freshmen need not apply to Jonas’s next course: All White Everything. He came through very icy here, and did so amid a physical activity at that. Jonas isn’t afraid to get his whites sweaty and dirty—and neither should you. The aforementioned fear is baked into our brains from the first time our parents put a bib on us. But clothes were meant to be lived in. Yes, even his Louis Vuitton sneakers will have more character once Jonas’s bike pedals have their way with them. Hell, if he got clipped by the side mirror of a passing cab, the contact with New York City’s filthy streets might do his fit some good. (To be clear: I don’t wish this upon Joe Jonas.)

Nevertheless, for now, Jonas’s advanced move of white on white on white plays because he’s going about it with confidence. Plain and simple: to pull this off, you need only the intestinal fortitude to put it on. There is one thing he could do to improve his steez, though.

While white jeans are still very much in play—and will be beyond Labor Day, because people who still follow that rule haven’t been paying attention—having them grip your thighs like Jonas Brothers fans clutch their autographed copy of Its About Time is very much not. Silhouettes are trending wider these days, which means Jonas’s boys have a little more room to breathe if he lets them.

We’ll sing his praises either way, because even if they’re a bit constricted, the guy had the balls to wear white pants two days in a row.

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Best 2019 TV Sales for Labor Day Weekend on 4K, OLED, and More


It’s beautiful out. The sun is shining. The grill is grilling. That’s nice and all, but you can feel the winter winds gathering. You’re about to be shut in your living room, hunkered under a blanket, streaming vast quantities of television—so much so that you’ll eventually be entirely caught up on Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders, Glow, Ballers, Pen15, and whatever else you’re behind on. (Or, you’re going to do that regardless of the weather.) Get a new television to fully prep yourself for the task ahead of you. Labor Day weekend is a good weekend to do it.

Right now, Amazon has discounts on a bunch of 2019 television models, ranging from 1080p to 4K to 8K, and from LED to OLED to QLED. The brands include TCL, Samsung, and LG. If you really haven’t got a clue what you want—in that case, we have a guide that might help you out—then you can decide on price alone. Dig through Amazon’s TV selection on your own, or scope out these 10 deals we think are especially good. Whether you’re down to spend 150 bucks or five grand on a new television this Labor Day weekend, you’ll know it’s costing you good chunk less than normal.

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TCL 32″ Class 3-Series 1080p Roku Smart LED TV (2018 Model)



$149.99 (21% off)

It’s not 4K, but in smaller spaces and on a budget, TCL’s 3-Series model makes a lot of sense. And Roku is one of the best streaming services.

Toshiba 43″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR – Fire TV Edition



$199.99 (39% off)

If you’re hooked into Amazon’s Fire TV for live television and streaming channels, this television will be easily integrated into your life.

Samsung 43″ Class RU7100 Smart 4K UHD TV



$327.99 (24% off)

Samsung makes a midsize, mid-price option that still shows off 4K performance and rich colors. 

The Best Budget TV

TCL 55″ Class 6-Series 4K UHD HDR Roku Smart TV (2018 Model)



$529.00 (34% off)

The TCL 6-Series is one of our favorite 4K smart TVs. The 2019 model is coming later this summer, but that means you can get this 2018 model for pretty cheap.

LG Nano 8 Series 4K 65″ Class Smart UHD NanoCell TV w/ AI ThinQ



$996.99 (33% off)

If you keep a close eye on color and contrast while watching TV, then check out LG’s Nano 8 Series.  

Sony X950G 55″ LED 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV w/ HDR



$1,098.00 (15% off)

Sony pays very close attention to how picture and sound align with its X950G Series. The images will appear incredibly lifelike.

The Most Stylish TV

Samsung 55″ Class The Frame QLED Smart 4K UHD TV



$1,397.99 (22% off)

The Frame is for art lovers. When not in use, it displays pre-selected art to adorn your wall. The picture quality is damn good, too.

Samsung 65″ Class Q80R QLED Smart 4K UHD TV



$1,997.99 (29% off)

You get substantial savings with this Samsung model and deal. 

Best High-End TV

LG C9 65″ Class 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ



$2,496.99 (22% off)

Best Luxury TV

Samsung 75″ Class Q900 QLED Smart 8K UHD TV



$4,997.99 (29% off)

You’ll be miles ahead of everyone else with an 8K TV. 

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Rent ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5 House on Airbnb in Albuquerque

While you’re waiting on Netflix’s upcoming El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, there’s an opportunity for you to recreate the show on your own time. The house featured in Season 5, Episode 3 of the AMC series is on the Airbnb rental market, and the owners know exactly why you might be interested in staying in their spacious Albuquerque abode. To get this out of the way, it’s not for making meth. But close!

The four-bedroom house is the one that Walt and Jesse set up shop in during the fifth season, and though cooking actual meth is frowned upon (actually, see: very illegal), the owners of this place are equipping tenants with everything they need to get some solid super fan pictures.






For $269 a night, you can stay in the house and even rock the HAZMAT suits and Vamanos Pest Control jumpsuits that come along with the place. Feeling like that rental rate is a little steep? Fear not. The place has 12 beds and can accommodate up to 16 people. That is approximately 17 bucks a person, if you can round up enough friends.

With series art hanging on the wall, a Breaking Bad color scheme, and a really badass-looking grill area, the place is kind of a steal. As of this writing, it is currently wide open for booking for most of the fall, excluding the weekend that El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie comes out on Netflix—seems like someone already zeroed in on that idea. Even still, if there’s a place to sit while revisiting the series, this has to be toward the top of the list. Just don’t tell Skyler, who ruins everything. Nobody’s got time for her.

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Shop Brooklinen’s Labor Day 2019 Sale for Cozy Sheets and Comforters


If you want to lock in a good night’s sleep, you should definitely invest in some quality sheets. The average person spends about one-third of their life in bed, which means 33 percent of your life can be spent tossing and turning amongst itchy blankets and pillow cases—or enveloped in comfortable ones designed with only the sweetest of dreams in mind. That’s where Brooklinen comes in.

From August 28 through September 3, the luxurious-yet-affordable bedding brand is having an epic Labor Day sale sitewide, offering 10 percent off orders up to $200 and 15 percent off orders over $200.

Not only is this your opportunity to score a rare deal on Brooklinen’s crazy-soft sheets, but you can also decorate the rest of your space at a discount, thanks to the site’s wide selection of towels, candles, robes, loungewear, and more. Do yourself a favor and stock up on our favorites items, below. (And check out some Labor Day mattress sales while you’re at it.)

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Classic Hardcore Sheet Bundle

Never owned a pair of Brooklinen sheets? The brand’s hardcore bundle is a no-brainer. With thousands of rave reviews, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to add these to your collection. 

Down Comforter

Why stop at a pair of sheets? This down comforter is the perfect cozy layer for year-round—not too light, and not too heavy. 

Down Alternative Pillow

A plush pillow is the ultimate finishing touch to any bed. Fortunately, Brooklinen offers different plushness levels, as well as a down alternative style. 

Super-Plush Robe

Give your home a hotel-like feel by hanging one of Brooklinen’s ridiculously soft robes on your bathroom door. This option is available in three different colors: white, light gray, and dark gray. 

Super-Plush Towels

With Brooklinen’s recent expansion into bathware, you can now upgrade shower time. Brooklinen offers towels in three different levels of plushness. 

Throw Blanket

Just drape this over your living room sofa and let the compliments from your house guests roll in.

Linen Quilt

Made with a lightweight linen, this layer is an elevated take on your grandmother’s quilt.  

Crib Sheet Set

Thanks to Brooklinen’s baby collection, every member of your family can have access to a great set of sheets. 

Bergen Jogger

Yep, Brooklinen makes PJs now, too. That includes tees, shorts, and these sweats for lounging, in a range of colors.

Brooklinen Canvas Tote

Show off your brand loyalty with this tote and save the environment by taking it on your weekly trips to the grocery store. It’s a win-win. 

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Best Gaming Laptops on a Budget


Do you always find yourself having to game on the go? Do you want the flexibility to 360 no scope noobs any place, any time? Is the Nintendo Switch too baby shit for you? (It’s not; get over yourself.) Then a gaming laptop is the way to go. PC gaming has thrived in recent years, giving PC gamers access to fantastic exclusives, early releases, and the largest VR library in the industry. Gaming laptops are also perfect for those of us who don’t have space for a desktop, or who want the mobility of a laptop with the power of a gaming PC. Oftentimes, that can cost a small fortune. But we’ve got you covered, with the eight best gaming laptops for your budget—half of them under $1,000.

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Best for Penny Hoarders

Acer Nitro 5 AN515 15.6″ FHD Gaming Laptop



$779.00 (20% off)

While the Acer Nitro 5 is the cheapest gaming laptop on this list, it’s still a completely sufficient machine. It’ll work with all your Steam games and still offer pretty good visuals, making it an option with a lot of power for those who need to limit their spending.

Best for Multitaskers

Acer Aspire 7 15.6″ FHD Casual Gaming Laptop

With similar power to the Nitro 5, a better processor, and a more toned-down look, this laptop is a really solid pick for those searching for both a work and gaming hybrid. It also includes a fingerprint reader, which is always convenient.

Lenovo IdeaPad L340 15.6″ FHD Gaming Laptop



A thin, convenient design and a fantastic 1TB of storage make this Lenovo a work horse that will have you up and gaming with ease in no time. While the design doesn’t scream gamer, the price of this laptop for the power is a smart trade-off.

HP Omen 17″ FHD Gaming Laptop

A recent sale and significant price cut brings this HP gaming laptop down to the under-$1,000 range. Its more gamer-centric design and 17-inch screen is ideal for those looking for a bigger, bolder display.

Best for Light Packers

ASUS ROG G531GT 15.6″ Gaming Laptop

This Asus shows off a thin design with some red flair and carbon fiber texture. It has extremely smooth gameplay and great power for long gaming sessions.

Best for VR Buffs

Dell G5 15.6″ FHD Gaming Laptop



The G5 is right in that sweet spot for a lot of people. While it’s a little larger and chunkier than some of the other models on this list, the design is still definitely impressive. The processing power works very well—even with VR—making this a more affordable, higher-end laptop, while only sacrificing a bit on the ease of transport.

Dell Alienware M15 15″ Gaming Laptop



The new M15, while not the thinnest laptop on this list, definitely gets down there. Its thin size is coupled with that Alienware design flair, including customizable LEDs and some slick embezzled edges. Smooth processing power and a quieter cooling system make this a great option for gamers with more cash.

Razer Blade 15.6″ FHD Gaming Laptop



This Razer model is one of the thinnest, slimmest laptops on the market. While it is pricier than the other models on the list, this option has impressive processing and graphical power, and is extremely light—making it incredibly portable.

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