10 Best Candles For Fall 2019

Don Penny

No home is complete without candles. They prove that you, an adult, have your shit together enough to be tuned in to what the subtle scent and soft glow of a burning wick can do. And trust us, it can do a lot. A candle makes you feel comforted. It makes you feel like a pine forest is outside the window, or a sagebrush desert and an open sky. It roots you in happy memories of happy places. And, quite honestly, it’s an impressive hosting flex to invite your guests in, strike a long-stemmed match or flick open a lighter, and light a good-smelling flame. So don’t pick a candle dud like anything brightly colored that smells like a pie, a Christmas tree, or a piña colada. Stick with these.

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Sea Salt + Sage Candle



The idea, of course, is ocean air, mixed with the kind of aromatic scrub that grows on seaside cliffs. And the effect? Relaxation, pure and simple.

No. 04 Teakwood & Tobacco Soy Candle

P.F. Candle Co.


Also known as the “boyfriend candle” because it smells like all things sturdy and reliable: teak, black pepper, tobacco, and leather.

Volcano Candle

Capri Blue


Warm. A little bit sweet. Distinctly tropical. Capri Blue’s Volcano scent makes you feel like you’re in the midst of a vacation on an equatorial island that, yes, probably has a volcano on it.

Charcoal Candle



Brooding and minimal. Its cedar and sandalwood scent serves up serious yet subtle vibes.

Grapefruit Candle

That refreshing spritz of citrus you get when you peel open a grapefruit? This is that, just in candle form.

Cannabis Candle

Malin + Goetz


Earthy with a slight sweetness, it’s the closest you’ll get to an herbal scent without stepping into a garden. In other words, it doesn’t smell like weed.

Ojai Candle



Norden is based in southern California, and it took inspiration for this candle from late wintertime in the state’s verdant Ojai Valley, with the woodsy scents of palo santo, patchouli, and frankincense. This candle burns essential oils, and the base is reusable.

Concrete After Lightning Candle

D.S. & Durga


No joke, this was meant to smell like a thunderstorm over asphalt. Amazingly, it does.

Santal 26 Candle

Le Labo


Le Labo artisanal candles are to be treasured. They’re that good. Santal 26 in particular is a favorite, with smoke and leather tones.

Ambre candle



The Diptyque amber is ubiquitous for good reason: There’s no way you won’t like the complex mix of woodsy smells with spice.

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Best Smelling Products You Can Buy for Your Home and Body

As Tom Ford once said, “Good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman.” With all due respect to the most tasteful man in the world, that’s only half the story. Cologne is one tool for smelling good, but being well-fragranced in all departments takes a bigger toolbox. To scent your life, you need to look at your home, laundry, medicine cabinet, even your car. Here’s how to get it done easily, even if you’re not a cologne guy.

This resin sourced from the Amazon releases a unique, spicy aroma.

It’s Time to Reconsider Incense

by Garrett Munce

I burn so much incense that a neighbor once thought my apartment was on fire. Smoky incense can seem risky to the uninitiated, but when it comes to flame-based scent, candles can’t hold a candle to ’cense. I’ve never found anything else that can scent my apartment as quickly or effectively. Still, it gets a bad rap, maybe because of its association with the Catholic church and college-town head shops; lots of us can’t shake the memories of heavy, musky, oppressively perfumed smoke. But that one-note incense from your younger years is not the kind you should be burning in your apartment. A good incense, like those you find at Brooklyn yoga studios or Tokyo denim emporiums, is as complex as a good cologne. The best (like the three at right) are made from natural substances that fill your space with a layered complexity the fanciest candle can’t hope to replicate. The real draw of incense, though, is the inescapable mystical quality. Burning it makes even the most basic room feel like a fortune-teller’s den or a haunted antique bookstore. So next time you’re about to light a candle, consider an incense stick (or cone or hunk of resin) and set that baby ablaze.


You Should Smell Like a Flower This Fall. Seriously.

by Garrett Munce

Cologne has always had more in common with cigar bars than with perfumery. Man scents are built on stereotypically male elements like wood, leather, and smoke; it’s generally thought that to be sufficiently masculine, a cologne should have some sort of musk or, the fancier version, oud that can sometimes mimic the smell of sweat (but, like, in a good way). The results are heavy, aggressive, primal.But things change. Culturally, we’re waking up to toxic masculinity; olfactorily, we’re getting into florals. We typically think of floral scents as feminine, but that’s thanks to generations of marketing. “Florals are genderless,” says Patrick Kelly, founder of unisex fragrance brand Sigil Scent. “If a person is drawn to a particular scent, so be it.” The power of these new floral-forward colognes lies in the mix of ingredients. They don’t completely leave behind the classic man-scent elements but instead use ingredients like musks and patchouli to temper the sweetness of the florals and make them earthier. The results are more like a bouquet lit on fire than your grandmother’s garden. They’re fresh, surprising, and mysterious, inviting people to get closer to your skin and give you a good whiff. Isn’t that what a cologne is for, anyway?



Kelsey Dake

A Cologne-Averse Man’s Guide to Smelling Good

by Ben Boskovich

When I was growing up, my mother would take the long way through the mall’s department store to actively avoid its overeager, fragrance-wielding associates. She’s a migraine sufferer—something she passed down to me—and cologne is one of our worst triggers. I tried to fight it as best I could.

When I was old enough to care what I smelled like, I bought Michael Jordan Cologne, because Michael Jordan had a cologne. It’s still packed away somewhere, only a few spritzes spritzed from its clear-and-black bottle. I’m thirty years old now and I can’t remember the last time I wore cologne. But I do, believe it or not, care what I smell like. For those of us who don’t have that natural-musk thing going on, there are a few available tactics that aren’t meant to make you smell nice but do nonetheless. I start with the hair product. Most of the good ones these days aren’t deliberately scented, but the natural smell of American Crew’s Forming Cream ($11) gives off a straight-from-the-barbershop scent. On my hands, I apply Restoration Hardware’s Belgian Linen Hand Cream ($24) a few times a day. Of course, a good deodorant goes a long way here. I recently became an aerosol convert because Dove Men + Care’s “Extra Fresh” ($6) is true to its name (and lasts more than a day). Lastly, I add a couple extra pumps of Frey laundry detergent ($2) and an extra Bounce dryer sheet ($6) to each load of laundry.

Altogether it’s a Captain Planet of a routine, and when its powers combine, it proves even a cologne-averse guy can be told he smells good. You just have to take the long way.

Go Natural. With Your Deodorant, That Is.

by Jonathan Evans

Natural deodorant is no longer something you’ll find only at a local farmers market. And gone are the days of it failing on you—these new versions actually work (and they smell great, too).

There’s really no reason not to go natural. After all, neither our bodies nor the planet benefits from more and more chemicals being pumped into it. While “natural” deodorant isn’t an official category, in general you should look for something free of alcohol, aluminum, parabens, and sulfates. Any ingredients homegrown or pulled right from nature itself? Well, all the better. Whenever you’re looking to refresh your medicine cabinet, gym bag, or Dopp kit, opt for one of these six choices. Your skin, and Mother Nature, will thank you.

Get Lit: Stay Classy With Candles

by Sarah Rense

No home is complete without candles. They prove that you, an adult, have your shit together enough to be tuned in to what the subtle scent and soft glow of a burning wick can do. And trust us, it can do a lot. A candle makes you feel comforted. It makes you feel like a pine forest is outside the window, or a sagebrush desert and an open sky. It roots you in happy memories of happy places. And, quite honestly, it’s an impressive hosting flex to invite your guests in, strike a long-stemmed match or flick open a lighter, and light a good-smelling flame. So don’t pick a candle dud like anything brightly colored that smells like a pie, a Christmas tree, or a piña colada. Stick with these.


Kelsey Dake

A Whiff of Celebrity: Can You Smell Like Success?

by Justin Kirkland

In the pursuit of smelling good, there’s no shame in looking for some inspiration. Imagine smelling rich and famous—the nostril equivalent of tasting the world’s finest wine. Like describing wine, though, I wondered: Could we get this down to a science? Or even a pseudo-science?

Hard journalists have been chronicling how the famous smell for years, so I started with the man I’d most like to emulate. Speaking to BuzzFeed in 2016, Lin-Manuel Miranda said that President Obama smells like success. More specifically, “success . . . and bold pragmatism.” That’s difficult to find on the shelf, so I kept searching. Jim Parsons told Ellen DeGeneres that Rihanna smells like “heaven,” but that’s pretty subjective, too. I know because I dabbed a bit of whiskey and pepperoni on my neck to little fanfare. I stumbled upon The Cut’s 2016 interview with Tom Brady. The writer said the quarterback smells like “clean wood.” Better than “dirty wood,” but still vague. Where are the regimens? Where’s the product? Elle asked Xenia Deli, the woman who licked Justin Bieber’s chest once, what he smells like. She said, “Pretty expensive perfume.” For the love of God, Xenia, what brand? But midquest, the answer appeared like a freshly washed angel emerging from a shower fog. In Tom Junod’s 2013 Esquire profile of George Clooney, he described the actor’s smell perfectly: “He smells like soap.” George Clooney, the coolest of the cool, is out there coasting on the scent of soap while I’m cleaning the residue of booze and cured meats off my neck. Turns out the key to smelling rich and famous might just be getting rich and famous.


Kelsey Dake

What’s It Like to Not Be Able to Smell?

by Helene F. Rubinstein

It took me three months to realize I had lost my Sense of Smell. I had just bought a lilac tree for my front yard, and I kept smelling the flowers and thinking, Damn, I can’t believe I bought a lilac tree that has no smell. Then it hit me. I hadn’t smelled anything in a long time. I did notice my farts were odorless, but I thought that was just a gift from God.

After visits to multiple doctors and various failed treatments, there was a general consensus that my loss of SoS was probably caused by scar tissue from a previous sinus surgery. First denial, then acceptance. And that’s when the missing began. The smells I miss: the smell after it rains, the smell before it rains, the smell of a fireplace fire, the smell of linden trees (I grew up around them), the smell of the bottom of my dogs’ paws, the smell of frying onions and chicken fat (otherwise known as gribbenes), the smell of hardware stores.

The smells I don’t miss: bathrooms, cleaning up dog poop, yellow taxis, skunk roadkill, the inside of hospitals, Pier 1, gyms, that whiff you get when a runner whooshes by.

I’ve come to realize it is a legit handicap. Not as bad as losing one of your other senses, but it impacts everyday life. Especially when you live by yourself. One day my dog walker called me at work to tell me that my house smelled like gas. Turns out one of the knobs on the oven was slightly turned. I bought a natural-gas detector. I cannot smell food to see if it’s gone bad. And maybe the worse danger: not knowing if you can go one more day without showering.

I feel like I lost an old friend. I think most of all I miss the memories that come along with smells. That linden-tree smell could take me back to any summer of my childhood in an instant. The smell of gribbenes cooking on the stove could transport me to past Passovers.

SoS is the forgotten sense, the one most taken for granted. So next time you walk by a lilac tree in the spring, take a deep sniff and say thank you.


These potpourri crystals look like candy, but they’re actually tree sap. Smell, dont eat.

New World Odor: Scents For Everywhere Else In Your Life

by Garrett Munce

Living a good-smelling life doesn’t stop at what kind of deodorant you use or what cologne you spray before you leave the house. Your house, in fact, is the oft-forgotten but still important area of your world that’s begging to be scented. The same goes for your car, your closet, your office, and any other space you occupy with frequency. Smell is powerful and can instantly change your mood, help you sleep better, and keep your place more date friendly. Not to mention it can camouflage a shocking number of evils (like a full trash can, a pile of dirty laundry, or the place on your couch where your dog takes naps). But before you start spraying Febreze with abandon, there is a whole world of things that help your environment smell good and look great while doing it. Here’s what you need to make your place smell its best without sacrificing style. —G. M.

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13 Best Slippers for Men

Relaxation is important. Sure, there’s too much to do, and too little time to do it in. But if you don’t kick back once in a while—both literally and figuratively—you’re liable to burn out. And that’s a whole lot worse for productivity than the occasional dose of “me” time. So, invest in relaxing like you mean it. Step one: Buy a great pair of slippers. They’ll keep your feet warm and cozy, and they’ll help remind you that it’s okay if you don’t leave your place for the next few hours (unless you need to run outside to grab the mail or meet the delivery guy). So slide in, put up your feet, and take it easy. Here are 13 pairs that are up to the task.

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Nordic Slipper

These are specifically designed for folks suffering from chronic foot fatigue, so you know they’ll keep you comfortable.

Fave Gore

The wool-blend uppers, microfleece lining, and sherpa footbeds mean your feet will always be warm.

Taylor Slipper

Suede uppers, fleece lining, and wear-’em-outside soles? That’s the slipper triple threat.

Flinn Slippers

They’re like a memory foam mattress, just for your feet. In other words: They’re very comfy.

Harrison Cable-Knit Slipper

Have you ever thought, “Damn, I wish I had a warm, sturdy cable-knit sweater for my feet.” No? Well, you should have. And these slippers are the reason why.

Falcon Ridge II Slippers

The masterful snowboot-makers are also great when it comes to slippers. These even have a sturdy outsole, so you can step outside if need be.

Ember Moc

If you could imagine a sleeping bag for your foot, it’d be these Tevas. 

Wicked Good Moccasins

I mean, can one ever go wrong with a pair of L.L.Bean moccasins?

Scuff Slipper

If you’re not sure where to start, you simply cannot go wrong with Ugg’s always-reliable scuff slipper. 

AT Classic Hardsole Slipper



Boiled wool is something you don’t see on all that many slippers nowadays. That’s a pity. As this pair from Hafligner demonstrates, it’s warm, durable, and looks really cool, too. 

Talisman Slippers

If you’d like a little extra personality in your slippers—plus a hard-wearing outsole—these deliver.

Luxe Slippers

A leather upper and wool lining make for a sneaker-like slipper that’s as stylish as it is cozy.

Fireside Slippers

Handmade from suede and shearling, these super-warm slippers are, as the name implies, pretty perfect for wearing while you sit by the fire.

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson Wears $35 Mango Linen Trousers

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can wear pretty much anything he wants (so long as it’ll accommodate his biceps, that is). He’s an A-list celebrity, after all. He’s got the means and the access—plus a stylist who’s a celeb in her own right, Ilaria Urbinati—to get dressed up in stuff non A-listers can only dream of.

So, when he steps out in a supremely affordable pair of pants from Mango, we should all pay attention. And when fellow celebrities James Van Der Beek and Pedro Pascal wear the same pants, all inside of a week of each other, well, we should probably all think about buying the damn pants. Even at full price, they were only $70. Now, they’re half off. $35 bucks for some movie-star style of our own? That’s a no-brainer.

James Van Der Beek is seen on August 21, 2019 in New York City.

Raymond HallGetty Images

D23 Expo 2019

Pedro Pascal attends D23 Disney + showcase at Anaheim Convention Center on August 23, 2019 in Anaheim, California.

Getty Images

Here’s a bonus: Aside from being Celebrity-Approved Pants, Mango’s slim-fit linen trousers are also Perfect Summer Pants. Because despite fall’s imminent arrival, we are still very much in the dog days of August. And if you believe the heat and humidity are going to disappear just because the calendar reads “September,” I’ve got some bad news for you.

Luckily, there is some respite from the swampiness, and that respite is airy, elegantly rumpled linen. It’s what you wear when it’s really hot and you’re really cool–or you at least want to feel that way. And when it comes to these trousers, it’s available in a flattering slim fit that’ll pair perfectly with everything from camp-collar shirts (a la Van Der Beek and Pascal) to summer sweaters (like The Rock’s). Options abound! So, maybe the warm weather can stick around for just a little while longer. Not too long, mind you. Just enough to stretch your newly linen-covered legs a bit.

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Brad Pitt’s Watch Is Plucked Straight Out Of An Action Movie

Stephane Cardinale-Corbis

Brad Pitt’s turn in Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood sees a washed-up stuntman down on his luck. But although Cliff Booth’s halcyon days are seemingly over, they’re alive and well in the form of Pitt’s watch – a piece plucked straight from the action films of yore.

Upon arriving at the 76th Venice Film Festival, the 55-year-old donned an old favorite that’s two parts Swiss prestige, one part Michael Bay. We’re talking Breitling: a marque known for hardy watches that are as tough as they are striking, with landmark references packing all the stuff that’d make a young Booth see God. The Breitling Emergency, for instance, boasts a microtransmitter distress beacon, while the Avenger II Seawolf is water-resistant to the terrifying depth of 3,000 metres. Important, especially when you’re on-set in the Amazon armed with nothing but a hapless cameraman and a crossbow.

brad pitt breitling watch


Pitt’s preferred model however, sits on the more traditional end of the spectrum. The Premier B01 Norton Edition is a marriage between the British motorcycling company of the same name, and Breitling, with the sizable 42mm piece housed in a robust case of stainless steel. What’s more, the chronograph—often the marker of a sporty, modern watch—has enjoyed a throwback makeover in the form of a muted black dial and vintage-style Arabic numerals.

Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42mm Norton Men’s Watch



Granted, it’s not quite Mission: Impossible fodder. But Pitt’s taste for the classic harkens back to the golden age of Hollywood and very timeless, very handsome watches.

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This Week’s Biggest Sneaker Releases, and Where to Get Them

It’s late August. Which is just another way of saying it is the d-o-l-d-r-u-m-s when it comes to sneakers. Except! Well, except for the fact that even in this typically underserved time, there’s a brand-new fashion sneaker from Marni that nods to none other than Andy Warhol. And there’s also a riff on a cult-classic, early-2000s Japanese Nike Dunk, except now it’s an Air Max 90. Oh, and Liam Gallagher—yeah, the frontman of Oasis—made a sincerely great pair of sneakers with Adidas. The doldrums? Who cares!? September is nearly here and sneakers are kicking back into gear! Enjoy.

Marni Banana Sneaker

SHOP $650,

The idea is right there in the name of Marni’s newest sneaker: It’s designed to evoke a banana (specifically, the pop-art version you might find on, say, the cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico). There are a couple different versions, but this one, with a banana-y sole shape and a shot of yellow on a mostly-black shoe, is our favorite.

Release: 8/26

Nike Daybreak ‘Metallic Silver’

SHOP $100,

This isn’t the first we’ve seen of the Daybreak, and by the look of things, it’s far from the last. But it’s still one of our favorite colorways to date, blending black, gray, and metallic silver for a little sheen and a lot of wearability.

Release: 8/28

Nike Air Max 90 ‘Viotech’

SHOP $140,

This is the second time around for the Viotech version of the AM90 this summer—the first one hit last month. Both play with a colorway full of bright, saturated hues first seen on a Japan-exclusive Dunk from the 2000s. But, if we’re being honest, we’re just a little more excited about this one, being that it has more of the signature “Viotech” purple.

Release: 8/29

Asics Tiger Gel-Kinsei ‘OG’

SHOP $189,

The Asics Tiger Gel-Kinsei is a lot. Like, a whole lot. There’s the mostly metallic-silver upper. And the big ol’ plastic shank around the heel. And the generally techy vibe of the, admittedly, very techy running sneaker. But try it with jeans. No, really. It actually looks kinda great.

Release: 8/29

Adidas LG SPZL

SHOP $120,

Do you like Oasis? Have you been that person, the one who insists on belting out “Wonderwall” or “Don’t Look Back in Anger” at karaoke? Well, let’s be real…so have we. But! But. You don’t have to give a damn about frontman Liam Gallagher to know these SPZLs are one for the books. And if you are a fan? Well, all the better.

Release: 8/30

Nike ACG Air Wildwood ‘Desert Sand/Teal Nebula’

SHOP $109,

Nike’s ACG line is fully back to its original outdoorsy roots at this point. Well, at least most of the time. Because while some shoes take that original mandate literally—think waterproofing and trail-ready tread—some are more about looking the part. With a full leather upper, the Air Wildwood is one of the latter. But it looks so cool, who really cares if you can’t hike in it?

Release: 8/30

Artefact No.11 ‘Orcafact’

SHOP $195,

Artefact is all about responsibly made—and, frankly, beautifully made—sneakers. The New York-based brand does things right, working with Portugese craftspeople, using leather that doesn’t poison the planet, and teaming with organizations like Oceana, which helps protect ocean life like the orca whale. Every paint-splattered pair of these shoes is one-of-a-kind, and helps keep our oceans healthy.

Release: 8/30

Air Jordan 1 ‘Obsidian’

SHOP $160,

There are a million and one ways to re-contextualize the Air Jordan 1. And, sure, this new colorway pays homage to MJ’s legacy with navy, white, and (naturally) Carolina blue. But really? It’s just a great looking shoe. No explanation necessary.

Release: 8/31

Air Jordan X ‘Woodland Camo’

SHOP $190,

If blue and white isn’t your thing, and you’re more of a ’90s MJ fan, how about a pair of Jordan Xs in woodland camo? It’s a specific look, but it’ll make some fans very happy.

Release: 8/31

Adidas x Arizona Continental Vulc

SHOP $99,

The first shoes from the Adidas x Arizona collaboration nearly caused a riot when they appeared at a New York pop-up that promised pairs for the low, low price of $0.99 (the same as a can of Arizona). The pop-up was shut down before any sneakers actually sold. So, sure, these Continental Vulcs are a little more expensive, but you’ll actually be able to get them. Plus, they look pretty damn cool. Win-win.

Release: 8/31

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Best Men’s Clothing, Sneakers, Accessories Sales for Labor Day 2019

Labor Day is more than just, you know, Labor Day. It is, first and foremost, a celebration of the working people who keep the gears of American commerce turning like they should be. After that, it’s an unofficial demarcation: the end of summer and the beginning of fall. No matter that it’s not accurate at all—there’s still nearly a month left until the seasonal switch—it’s just the way it is.

But you know what else is special about Labor Day? The sales. I mean, we’re talking Very Good Sales from Very Good Brands, and while we’ve already covered the bedding and television fronts, there’s still time to upgrade your fall wardrobe. That said, you probably don’t have time to sort through 10,000 sites to find a damn shirt. Reasonable! So, instead, here are 15 sales you can’t miss. Enjoy.

Take an extra 30% off with code SPORT30.

From 8/30 to 9/3, use code LABORDAY2019 for an additional 20% off sale.

Use code KICKBACK for $25 off orders $150+, $50 off orders $225+, and $75 off orders $300+.

Get up to 60% off a range of clothing, shoes, sneakers, and accessories.

Get up to 40% off select styles.

Get up to 70% off select styles.

Get up to 65% off sale when you take an extra 25% off with code 4EVER.

Take an extra 30% off when you spend $150+.

Take an extra 40% off your purchase, no code needed.

Take up to 40% off.

Take an extra 20% off at checkout.

Get 25% off select styles.

Take an extra 20% off with code EXTRA20.

Take an extra 15% off with code EXTRA15.

Take an extra 20% off sale.

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Justin Bieber Spotted Outside Beverly Hills Clinic in Drewhouse Shirt and Beanie

BG002/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

Man, just when I thought I’d moved on to thinking about a Lazy Rich Boy Summer and all the Toasted Coconut Fits, the Summer of Sleaze woke up from its nap under the bench at a bus stop and smacked me in the face with a grocery bag full of boxed mac and cheese.

And by that, I mean Justin Bieber showed up in public again looking like a beautiful dirtbag. Photos have emerged of the Godfather of Sleaze and First Lady Hailey getting into their pink Lamborghini SUV on Tuesday, and Bieber’s fit is nothing short of a godsend.

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - August 29, 2019

M’lord and m’lady. Good day.

gotpap/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

Sure, his sneakers are perfectly acceptable, but don’t hold it against him. He’s making sure none of us forget what he founded, thanks to cuffed jean shorts and, my god, that hat. It’s like he plucked it right off of Skinny Pete himself. Dressing like a dealer is the cornerstone of achieving sleaze, but going this on-the-nose with it is exactly why we hold Bieber in such high regard.

The MVP—and the item you, yourself, should actually consider as inspiration—is the shirt. Of course, it appears to be a piece from his own label, Drewhouse. And of course, it is sold out. Alas, we bask in its glory as we sink into the dog days of summer 2019, where a shirt like this can shine during the day and complement some light outerwear during the evening.

Slim Fit Floral Shirt



You can wear Topman’s version of the shirt with ease, and any shirt like it for that matter. And you should! You and I as mere mortals may not pair it with the Skinny Pete beanie and jean shorts, but imagine it with a pair of relaxed chinos or your bathing suit. That’s sleaze you can achieve.

So here’s a well wish to our Lord and Sleazior, Justin Bieber. It’s been a “hard season” for our boy, but he’s never looked better.

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10 Men’s Fall Fashion Trends 2019 and How to Wear Them


Fall is nearly here, which is very good news. There’s a simple explanation for that, for the style minded. Because now, you get to actually wear some damn clothes, instead of putting on the bare minimum of fabric so you don’t melt into a puddle in the August heat. But there’s more to it than just being able to throw on something other than a camp-collar shirt (though, to be fair, that trend is not going to stop come October). The other great thing about autumn is that you get to really embrace all the cool new shit that the fashion world has to offer. And there’s a lot! But that doesn’t mean the transition requires a lot of effort. Here, for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure, are the 10 easiest ways to get on board.

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Midnight Snack Long-Sleeve Shirt



Two of the biggest things happening this fall? Camp-collar shirts and pajama shirts, both of the long-sleeve variety. This one from Tombolo has all the bases covered.

Tiger Cardigan

Noon Goons


A boldly printed top never really goes away. It’s just that this fall, it’s taking the form of a can’t-look-away cardigan, like this tiger-stripe one from Noon Goons.

Tapered Pleated Chinos

If you’re anything like the rest of us, you probably swore off pleats sometime in the last decade or two. And, if you’re like those of us who can see an interesting new light at the end of that tunnel, you should think about changing course. The new breed of pleated chinos is more flattering than ever. 

Leopard Fleece Jacket



Fleece: It’s cozy, comfy, and poised to be more popular than ever this fall. You know what else is on the upswing? Animal prints. And leopard, well, it’s basically a neutral at this point. Get two trends for the price of one with this jacket.

The Iconic Rugby Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren


Rugby shirts: Emphatically not just for dudes who play rugby. Pair yours with light-wash denim or a navy blazer. Either way, it works.

Denim Western Shirt

The yeehaw agenda isn’t going anywhere. And while you might not be a Nudie Suit guy, there’s pretty much no one on the planet who doesn’t look exactly 23 percent cooler in a western shirt.

Canvas Chore Coat

Union Los Angeles


Think of it as the bizarro cousin of your go-to sport coat. It’s not as dressed up, but it looks just as cool with everything from jeans to trousers. 

The Dean Zipper Boot



You know that thing I said about the yeehaw agenda playing out for a little while longer? Well, it’s also happening in footwear. A lot of high-fashion designers have gotten a little more western in their boot offerings, but if you don’t want to drop half your rent check, Tecovas has you covered with an equally cool option.

Leather-Trimmed Mesh Sneakers



Technical sneakers aren’t going anywhere this fall. The only big change? Now, you can get a pair from Berluti, which comes with everything from cool points to exceptional craftsmanship.

All-Over Print Logo Down Jacket

Moncler Grenoble


The biggest flex of the fall is a crazy-ass coat that says, “Yeah, I have so many coats that I don’t need this one to be functional or timeless or easy to wear. I just need it to be cool.”

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Nascar Vintage Racing Tees Are New Celebrity Style Flex

“Thou shalt not covet” is the tenth of the Ten Commandments, a collection of mandates delivered from Moses, presumably to Jesus, and then to the maker of old wooden plaques that hang in Southern homes. The Commandments were the second proudest wall-hanging in my house, just shy of a Dale Earnhardt racing jacket that I was allowed to wear once. I coveted that jacket, unironically, for years. As it turns out, two decades later, vintage NASCAR apparel is not just a keepsake or the butt of a joke—it’s a flex.


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In honor of the 70th running of the Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway, NASCAR came out with a line of T-shirts and other accessories, sending its apparel back to pure ’90s mode. Do you love Earnhardt? Three to the sky, my friend. You’re covered. Maybe you’re not a deep-cut NASCAR fan, but you appreciate a neon color scheme that could burn a hole in your retina. Then you’re in desperate need of the William Byron shirt.


Underneath a Louis Vuitton trench, Jaden Smith sports a Rusty Wallace race tee on Fallon.


Actually, celebrities have been wearing vintage NASCAR gear for a while now. Everyone from the likes of Kylie Jenner to Shia LaBeouf has been photographed in throwback T-shirts from some of the sport’s most prolific racers. Finally, it feels like my time has come. NASCAR is en vogue. The only problem is that if you were scouring the internet in the hopes of finding a vintage tee, you were probably going to have to pay a considerable price for it. That is, until NASCAR did the work for you.

This is all to say that if you’re looking for a clutch piece of racing memorabilia to round out an outfit, this is your opportunity.



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For a limited time, most of the shirts are running for under 25 bucks, which is a steal coming from the racing franchise itself. And even though Dale is the obvious choice here, you really can’t go wrong with whichever driver you choose to represent. Just do it with style and celebrate the goodness that is an aggressively bright ’90s color palette and a NASCAR logo.

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